DACs are commonly used in music players to convert digital data streams into analogue audio signals. The are digital to analog converters, and there are several DAC architectures; and there have been several phases of evolution in their design as digital recording has contiunued to increase its resolution.

Dac 202

The DAC202 is a reference class Firewire D/A Converter with a IR remote control for volume control, absolute phase and input source selection. Special features: •Transparency check (allows to check the bit transparency of a playback chain) •Setting of the coarse output levels (analog doma >>>





DAC 100 Stereo Valve D/A Converter

Product Features: DAC 100 is a non–oversampling, no upsampling design with multi–bit dac chips. The carefully designed power supply is with shunt regulators. I/V conversion is done by a specially designed, built in house transformer. Τhe analog stage uses single-ended class A transfo >>>


DAC1 PRE D/A Converter w/ DIGM + Preamp

B.M.C. applies exceptional concepts to their components to make technical innovation and perfection serve music reproduction. For receiving digital audio signals besides the established SPDIF-compatible interfaces (AES/EBU 110 Ohm, coaxial 75 Ohm and optical Toslink) there is the exceptional and co >>>