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We have made it our mission to develop hi-fidelity accessories that are comprised of fine design and outstanding build quality. In addition, our premium products such as the M-CD-Mat, M-LP-mat or the M-Puck Set are sold only by a few selected retailers. Since the entire product range of Millennium audiovision is manufactured in Germany, we have the advantage that our products can be produced individually on a custom bases. Our products have been on the market for over 10 years!

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Carbon CD Damper >>>


Silentor LP Weight Support

Product Features:

Our LP stabilizer Silentor provides silence and stability in sound. Disturbing noises caused by the main bearing, which are passed over the center spindle of the deck to the platter, will be reduced by our improved anti-resonance system with eight holes and derived thr >>>


M-LP-Mat Carbon LP Mat

Product Features:

After 8 years of distributing, our leading product, the carbon LP mat, is more successful than before. Now the new mat is available, showing a velvet surface on one side. This is the space for the disk label. So the contact between LP and the mat could be improved. The >>>


Acrylic Block V/H6035 Alignment Block Horizontal/Vertical

Product Features:

Perfect tool for the adjustment of your tone arm and pick-up. The edges and lines of our acrylic block were built in a complex laser-cutting procedure. This is the best solution for arms with conical tubes as for example SME series V. Have a look through the highly tra >>>


Minor Water Level Wooden Level

Product Features:

Small wooden spirit level. >>>


Protractor Set Tone Arm Adjustment Tools

Product Features:

Only an optimal adjustment of tone arm and pick-up geometry will enhance the quality and resources of your analogue audio components. Due to the sophisticated design of our protractor-set and many experiences in listening and comparing, we proudly present a complete se >>>


M-Libelle Precision Steel Water Level

Product Features:

Precision water level made from high grade steel. >>>


M-Block 8015 / 8035 / 8055 Multi-purpose resonant absorber

Product Features:

• M-Block 8015: $280
• M-Block 8035: $310
• M-Block 8055: $380

The audible effects of most resonances of your Hi-Fi equipment and loudspeakers can effectively be reduced by using one of the most >>>